I am a Biologist, and an independent researcher in Venezuela, I am conducting my Doctoral thesis since 2010, in Postgrado de Ecología of the Universidad Central de Venezuela  under the supervision of PhD. Hernan Castellanos.

My research project is titled: Status of the Spider Monkey Ateles hybridus (primates: atelidae) in Venezuela: Evaluation in Continuing  and Fragmented Areas of Caparo Forest Reserve.

My project aims to investigate the distribution and abundance of the spider monkey Ateles hybridusin Caparo Forest Reserve, to evaluate its relationship with changes in coverage of available habitat for this species in their area of distribution and to determine the current status and distribution in Venezuela.

My areas of interest include:

  • Ecology and conservation of primates.
  • Endangered species conservation.
  • Biodiversity conservation.
  • Monitoring and population censusing.
  • Evaluation of conservation plans of endangered species

I am interested in contributing to sustainable development of rural communities in natural areas from the area of Conservation Biology.

I am a photographer,  and I’m interested in showcasing the importance of Conservation and Biodiversity through the art of photography.